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The Life Changer Summary

The Life Changer Additional Information:

Title The Life Changer
Author Khadija Abubakar Jalli
Edition Reprint, revised
Publisher ‎AIP Publishing (August 25, 2018)


Language English

The Life Changer Likely Questions and Answers

1.Who is ummi?
Ans. ummi is the storyteller and mother of the children.
2.How many children does ummi have?
Ans. ummi has 4 children
3.Who was the first child?
Ans.Omar is the first child and only boy
4.who was the second and third child
Ans.Teemah(first female child) and jamila(2nd female child)
5.Who is bint and how old is she?
Ans. bint is ummi’s last child and she is five years of age.
6.What is Omar’s dad occupation and what time does he close from work?
Ans. He is a Banker and closes by 5pm.
7. Bint’s social study teacher was “meddlesome”, what does it mean?
Ans. The teacher was always interfering.
8.What is the name of bint’s social study teacher?
Ans. Mallam salihu
9.What question did Mallam salihu ask the class?
Ans. Whatis good morning in french.
10. What question did bint ask mallam salihu?
Ans. How do you say that’s very good in french.
11.Ummi in arabic means what?
12.According to ummi, eavesdropping on the children was to?
Ans. Ensure their room was always neat and to keep them company.
13. during their conversation who rushed into the room?
Ans. Omar rushed into the room
14.what state was Omar and why?
Ans.Omar was in a happy state,because he gained admission into the university.
15.how old was omar when he got admission?
Ans. Omar was 18 years old.
16.Omar was offered admission in which university and what course was he offered?
Ans. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and was offered Law at kongo Campus.
17.Omar told teemah and jamila to call him what?
Ans. He requested he be called learned brother.
18.Omar was expecting a gift from his dad what was it?
Ans. A smart phone
19. who suggested they go outside and why?
Ans. Jamilla suggested they go outside because the room was hot and stuffy
20. why was the room hot and stuffy?
Ans. they was no light and the generator was faulty.
21.Who sold zobo?
Ans Teemah sold zobo.
22.Teemah refused Omar’s zobo request why?
Ans. He takes on credit and never pays back.
23. What did Omar score in Jamb?
Ans. he scored 230/400.
24. How many credits did Omar get in WAEC?
Ans He got 7 credits including English and Maths at his first attempt.
25. According to Omar, what’s stopping Teemah from growing tall?
Ans. Jealousy and Envy.
26. The HOD’s name during ummi’s time is?
Ans. Dr. Samuel Johnson.
27. What was Salma’s Physical appearance?
Ans. Salma was a fair complexioned girl,tall,slim and bursty.
28. What was salma’s view about lecturers?
Ans.Salma viewed them as needy,boys you pay money,girls you go on a date.
29. What was Ummi’s matric number?
Ans. ummi’s matric number was UG0001.
30. Ummi’s full name is?
Ans. Ummi Ahmad is her full name.
31.What tribe is Dr.Samuel Johnson?
Ans. Samuel Johnson is from the yoruba tribe.
32. Who did salma compare the lecturers with?
Ans. She compared them tothe policeman.
33.The young man salma was talking with was who?
Ans. he was a lecturer.
34. Why was the HOD close to Ummi
Ans. She knows her husband very well and was even the one who worked her admission.
35. Who was the formidable boka?
Ans. traditional medicine man.
36. What is the real name of the quiet one?
Ans. Talle was the quiet one.
37. Talle was guilty of which Crimes?
Ans. kidnapping, armed robbery and extortion.
38. How long did Talle and Zakki kidnap the little boy?
Ans. the boy was held One week in captivity.
39. How much did the kidnappers demand?
Ans. one million and later came down to two hundred and fifty thousand naira
40.How did the police arrest Zaki?
Ans. He was arrested by the police at the point of collecting the ransom.
41.What later happen to zaki and Talle?
Ans. They were sentenced to some years in prison for their crimes.
42.What does EMAL stand for?
Ans. Examination Malpractice
43. What drove Salma out of the university
Ans. she was found guilty of Examination Malpractice
44. which Hostel was salma enrolled in?
Ans. Queen Amina Hall.
45.Why did salma not like the hostel?
Ans.She thought her room mates will not accept her way of life.
46.How many pupils are allowed to stay in the hostel room?
Ans. A maximum of 4.
47.What are the names of salma’s room mates and where are they from?
Ans. Tomiwa(from Ibadan,Oyo state), Ngozi(from Umunze,Imo state),Ada(from benue state).
48.which one of salma’s friend was an aspiring singer?
49. What was their religion?
Ans.Salma and Tomiwa were Muslims while Ada and Ngozi were Christians.
50.What food was the students favourite and fastest?
Ans. Jollof Indomie was the students favourite.

How long it would take me to finish Life Changer?

Most jambites who find it difficult to read novels are skeptical on how to read through this novel before the JAMB date.

However, you can use this trick. If you study 10 pages of this JAMB novel daily, you’ll read through the 79 pages in 7 days and on the last day, you read the remaining 9 pages.

Academically, it’s advisable to read through this novel twice before sitting for the JAMB Examination.

How/Where to Buy The Life Changer?

This novel is available at Bookstores nationwide and can be gotten through JAMB computer-based centers. In the JAMB Centers, you’ll be given the novel once you register for the JAMB examination.

The Life Changer Discription 

Khadijat  Abubakar Jalli’s “The life changer” explores several narratives of life on campus.  The text uses the voice of Ummi to narrate various campus challenges. The narration follows the adventures of Salma and her roommates in the university as they journey through social and academic upheaval.

The life changer explicitly cuts across the changes that follow a person’s life in the university. The university is known to be a mystery to people who have never experienced it. This text shows the need for parental guidance and counselling in a new world where freedom is tied to many complexities such as temptation, lies, distrust, betrayal, bad association, crime, bribery and corruption, abuse of social media etc.

The Life Changer Summary

Below is the comprehensive summary of The Life Changer from chapter 1 to chapter 9.

Chapter 1

Bint, a five-year-old girl and also the darling of the Ahmed Family narrates her encounter with her importunate social studies teacher; Mallam Salihu who often believes he knows every little bit about every subject to her siblings. He was however somewhat ridiculed when Bint answered his question on how to say “good morning” in French asked him to say “that is very good” in French. Mallam Salihu’s inability to interpret” that is very good” in French causes him to leave Bint’s class and never return till after break While she and her siblings were giggling about her story, their mother barged into their
room to join their conversation. She then encourages them not to mock Mallam Salihu but celebrate his humility to accept his cluelessness by seeking the French mistress assistance to answer Bint’s question.

Omar’s arrival with the news of his admission into Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria to study Law changed their conversation to a more torrent flow of thoughts on life issues that concerns Ummi’s children, especially to Omar who had just gained admission to study Law.

Chapter 2

This chapter recounts how Ummi gained admission into the university has agreed to her father’s condition to be married before graduation. But her husband decided to marry her even before she proceeded to university. She recounts how she met Salma and how she embarrassed herself for saying spiteful things about the University official at the faculty registration office. Ummi’s gave an unwelcomed gesture towards Dr Samuel Johnson’s hospitality when she visited his office to get her matriculation number. She later learned from her husband that Dr Samuel Johnson was a good friend of his and the one who help him to sort her admission out at the University. Ummi felt bad and request that her husband visit Dr Samuel Johnson to tender an apology on her behalf.

Chapter 3

In chapter three, Ummi tells the tales of the quiet one to admonish her children especially Omar, her first child, and the only son who had just gained admission into the university. Talle is born and bred in Lafayette, the circumstances that surround his birth were known by all citizens of the community. Talle lost his mother shortly after his birth and he was barely twenty years old before he lost his father and stepmom in a ghastly car accident. This incident compounded his state that he withdrew completely to himself. Talle became so lonely that he dedicated his zeal to his work at the local government office where he served as a driver. But one day, things take a dramatic twist for him as people in the grocery store where he gets foodstuffs noticed that his purchase has increased from the normal he usually buys and knowing that he has no one that stays with made the grocer calls the attention of the District head, Hakimi, that Talle now buys more than he can consume in a week in days. Hakimi summoned Talle to the palace for some questioning.

However, Talle’s inability to answer a simple question gave him away to be guilty of something that no one had any idea of. While this was ongoing at Hakimi’s palace, the police arrived at the Hakimi’s palace with some military escorts as well. They told Hakimi that Talle, one of his subjects is involved in kidnapping, armed robbery and extortion. Talle was arrested and he took the police to his house where he hid his victim. He and Zaki were sentenced to some years of imprisonment with hard work.

Chapter 4

This chapter recounts Salma’s story of how she got into the university when she was barely twenty years of age. Her encounter with Dr Dabo who is the then 100 level coordinator is significant to this chapter.

Dr Dabo is a very discipline lecturer and he has never engaged himself in any form of underhandedness with any female students. He has a track record of treating his students Justly. He is never late for lectures and his lecture rule is simple” Don’t come in after me”. But as Salma appeared radiantly gorgeous to his office he threw cautions away and didn’t know when he requests that she should befriend him intimately. Salma rejects his request immediately and this made him feel so bad that he repented and vow never to lose guard again. Salma got the most famous Queen Amina Hall. At first, she didn’t like her roommates; Tomiwa, Ngozi and Ada. She hates the idea that she could not choose whom to be her roommate but later got along faultlessly with them that they lived like sisters.Salma met Habib and Labaran at Kwangila one evening when she was returning back from home. They offer to give her a ride to the school campus and when they dropped her off, Salma told them her name is Tomiwa and also gave them Tomiwa’s number.

Chapter 5

The next day at 8 pm, Habib called Tomiwa to inform her that they are parked at the front of her hostel and requests that she comes out so they could hang out. Tomiwa decided to feed her curiosity as she stepped out of her hostel to meet Habib. However, Habib was smart enough to know that Tomiwa was not the lady he gave a ride to the previous night. Tomiwa confirmed his guesses and realize that Salma gave them Tomiwa’s contact. Habib sent Labaran to get some provision and Suya for them to eat and also gave fifty thousand naira to her and asked her to give her roommate Ten thousand naira each while she keeps the remaining twenty thousand naira. Tomiwa was wowed and when she returned to the hostel with the money and a lot of goodies. She and her roommate began to ululate and scream forjoy as they savoured the chicken suya she brought. Salma became slightlyjealous that almost degenerated into a rift between her and Tomiwa but for Ada and Ngozi intervention the matter soon became a
forgotten issue.

Habib and Labaran are childhood friends. While Habib chose education, Labaran decided to go to a driving school and being a good friend, he sometimes supports Habib with some little fund from his earnings as a driver at the local government. But when Habib became a politician he appointed his friend as his driver to pay back his sometimes support in the past.

Chapter 6

School routine had resumed and the girls are in their final year. It is very interesting to note that despite the four girls involvement with men, they never allow their studies to suffer for it. They are at the top of their game, that they are all to graduate with a second class upper degree even though they are studying a different course. Unfortunately for Salma, Moral philosophy that is one of the easiest course and easy to pass happens to be a difficult course for her. She like other students didn’t attend classes for this course since it a general course. However, she attends the tutorial a day before the exam because for some years the lecturer in charge of the course has been foolishly repeating questions with minimal changes so Salma studied the past paper and went in for an exam. To her ruin, when questions were served by the invigilator, Salma realized that she was the only one who is not writing because the lecturer had cut short her expectations. After a while, she began to badger the person who seated next to her, Kolawole Abdul for assistance. He resisted for a while but later conceded and scribble some code response to the first two questions. But as Salma was busy copying from the notes of salvation, the female invigilator was amazed at her sudden inspiration to write after she had stayed more than thirty minutes without writing. She quietly walked behind her and saw where she was writing from for some minutes before she called her attention and that of the security man outside the hall. Salma was compelled to sign the EMAL form and Kola and the next female student sitting next to on the other side were made to sign as witnesses. Sadly for Kola, Salma implicated him when she was summoned to the panel and he was also expelled from the school.

Chapter 7

This chapter recounts how Salma confided her friend, Tomiwa, how she thinks talking to Labaran to talk to Honourable Habib could influence anyone that matters to help her overcome her predicament. Unfortunately for her, the only influential person he knows that could help is Professor Dabo.

Salma felt so helpless to hear that the same Professor Dabo she insulted in her l00level when he requested to be his girlfriend the one that can help. She immediately and desperately pleaded that honourable Habib to give her some money to bribe the chairman of EMEC who she described could sell his mother’s soul for money. Honourable Habib agreed to give her some money but request that she gives him something in return. She yielded right in his office. After she got the money from Habib,
She prepared to meet with the Chairman of the EMEC in a hotel and gave only one hundred thousand naira to one Dr Mohammed Kabir as the Chairman of EMEC. She later discovered at the panel that she had been swindled by Dr Kabir who is an impostor. He is not even a lecturer at the University let alone the chairman of the EMEC.

Chapter 8

This chapter summarises how Dr Mohammad Kabir got the appellation of a Doctor. It was a nickname given to him from secondary school. He was employed at the university as an L.T; Laboratory Technician but his friendliness got him intimacy with also all the people that mattered at the University.

After Salma cried to Labaran and narrated her ordeal of how she was bamboozled by an impostor. Labaran then engaged the service of Zaki to trail Mohammad Kabir and recovered a sum of three hundred thousand naira from himjust after he had a big win from gambling with the money he collected from Salma.

This chapter also shed light on whom employed the service of Zaki to Kidnap Alhaji Adamu’s son. It was Honourable Habib who instructed Zaki to deal with Alhaji Adamu by kidnapping his son and he fumbled by involving an inexperienced villager; Talle that almost cost him millions to cover up the case with the police and to get him and Talle released.

Chapter 9

In chapter nine, Ummi recounts Salim; Salma’s fiance, experience with the usage of smartphones. A terrible experience that almost claimed his life. He met a girl named Natasha on one social media platform. The day they’ve planned to meet physically turn out to be a horrendous event. Salim agreed to visit her around right to nine in the evening since she claimed she would not be allowed to go out in the afternoon.
However, the turnout of their meeting made Salim realized that Natasha was bait used by kidnappers and arm robbers. He escaped the set trap by Natasha and her gangs divinely.

Note: Candidates are as well advised to bring out their time to read the full novel in-order to understand the summary above.

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