Best Top 10 Film Schools in London 2022

Best Film Schools in London

Generally, filming has been in the picture from day one, and everyone is enjoying the outcome of it.

All over the world, everyone knows about the Film and what it’s all about. Some people think that they can feature in Film or probably act, Yes I don’t doubt some persons when they say that they’re gifted from birth to be actors or actresses.

These set of people claim they can do it via acting and yes they’re cool at that but not that perfect I’ll tell you.

Having something and owning it is a different thing all together. That you think you have the call of acting and been trained is also different.

So, to be a professional in the field of acting, one will be lectured, educated, and trained in the Art. If you dream of becoming an actor or actress, it’s best for you to enroll your school in a Film school to be a professional in the field.

Before we proceed to the best 10 Film Schools in London, let’s look at the meaning of Film;

What is Film?

According to Wikipedia, a Film also called a movie, motion picture or moving picture, is a work of visual art that simulates experiences and otherwise communicates ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere through the use of moving images.

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If your dream is to Film (Acting) as a career on track in London, you’re making a mistake because London is one of the best cities in England and it’s known for housing of the best Film Schools world all over.

However, remember that need to consider Two (2) things;

  1. Titution Fee
  2. Cost of Living

These two are expensive and may be not convinent for some middle-income earners. If you’re financially stable or you on a scholarship scheme, your all good to kick-off!

List of Best Film Schools in London

These are the best Film Schools in London, so if you’re interested in becoming or making yourself a professional when it comes to acting, choose one of these London Film Schools below;

1. London Film School

London Film Schools was established in 1956, and it’s a mighty name in the American movie industry. You won’t believe that only, 40% of London Film School’s students population are from the United Kingdom (UK). Others are from the international communities and thus alarms the volume of its worldwide trends and recognition.

This London Film School is generally known for providing short movie Courses and also engage students to feature in movie festivals.

I know they may not have the same education quality like National Film and Television School but believe me when I tell you that it allows students to be more involved in movie production.

2. National Film and Television School

National Film and Television School is a premier Film School where Courses are been taught and handled by professional in the industry and also, the school has some state-of-the-art facilities. Very impressing right? Lol… Note that it’s also home to many Oscar Award winners and several Hollywood Elites.

The school is one of the largest of it’s kind with over 30 certification. Every student in this school enjoys the the cinemas, theatres, and suites services.


  • UK students pay £14,300 per year
  • MA courses while international students are charged more higher;  £30,000 a year

3. Met Film School

Met Film School is one of the best Film Schools in London. If you’re an aspirant via beacoming an actor or actress and professional environment is your thing, then Met Film should be your target. Met Film School is located in Ealing Studios.

Coming to the courses offered, Met Film school offers lots of courses but the maximum duration for completing a program is just 3 years.

Furthermore, Met Film school roots more in intensive education hence students are participating in many movie expertise which includes behind-the-canera skills, character impersonation, scriptin, and motion capturing.

Note also that postgraduate programs are available for students that what to advance the more.

4. Goldsmith the Screen School

Goldsmith the Screen School is located in New Cross.

Furthermore, Goldsmith the Screen School is also a very nice one and one of the best Film Schools in London.

This school is a competitive one and has a mission in becomy that “Aisle of Morden Movie Production”. Here, education quality is at its top and it’s on it’s way to accomplish this mission, which are programs like video games and web drama .

However, short courses are not included in the school but students can take advantage of the MA programs in different movie career paths ranging form cinematography to Sound Recording.

Titution Fee –

  • UK residents are to pay £12,940 per annum
  • International students are to pay £24,820 yearly.

5. London Film Academy 

London Film Academy was established in 2001 but it has rapidly improved to the extent of earning itself a spot in the best Film schools in London .The London Film School is located in Fulham, West London. 

The majority of the students are the female; this spans from the students number right to the management.

The school is one of the list expensive on the list of Film schools in London and can be a nice one if you’re on budget.

Furthermore, the school offers several programs in the movie production and in cinemas too.

Based in LFA, 95% of the school graduates are employed within the max of three months of completing their program.

6. University of Westminster

University of Westminster is Located in Harrow, zone 5. It’s one of the best Film Schools in London and it’s neatly situated.

The school is spacious in nature and has provision for studios, editing grounds, and suites among other equipments.

london film schools

The school is rated one of the best for its focus on movie production; having little interest for acting. So, don’t say that the school is not a good one for emerging role artists because it sure do have a top film education standard.

7. Ravensbourne University

This university is magnificent choice for film-y program lovers. They offer many courses which includes Bachelor degree-awarding programs in Editing and post-production, Digital TV production, and Digital Film production, you see this one is really a good one right?

However, when we talk about these schools without dropping one or two advantages, it doesn’t make sense. So the main advantage the school has is that the students are liked to many movie industries which makes the newly admitted being exposed to professional movie scenarios at their First year.

It’s good to note that the school has admission requirements. So, instead of demanding for grade work, this digitally concentrated schools seeks application for those into art and creativity.

8. Leeds Beckett University, Northern Film School

Leeds Beckett University, Northern Film School is among the best when it comes to Film Schools in London at large. 

The school has two big studios and edit suites which is notorious and it also offers several film courses leading to the award of BA, MA, and PhD.

9. Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth

Bournemouth Film School at Arts University Bournemouth is one of biggest film schools in London. Apart from that, it’s been rated as one of the best via its creative works.

This institution provides its programmes sequentially form performance Design to Film Production which makes it outstanding and been selected as one of the best .

10. Brighton Film School 

Brighton Film School (BFS) is the one of the best Film schools in London you can attend.

The school in question has connection with Panavision and Panalix which make it not short of cameras and students are been lectured on both digital and film cameras.

BFS also has two “fully working 18 by 12 feet sets with lighting figs and flast” which will make the students practical solid and make them professionals when they graduate.

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