UMYU Direct Entry Admission List 2022/2023 | See UMYU Direct Entry Admission List for 2022/2023

The Management of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina, has released the names of candidates offered provisional admission into the universities various first-degree programmes for the 2022/2023 academic session for the direct entry programme.

UMYU Direct Entry Admission List

How to Check UMYU Direct Entry Admission List 2022

Go to to access UMYU Direct Entry Admission List for the 2022/2023 academic session.

Successfully admitted candidates are advised to upload their O’Level results via the JAMB portal at the JAMB office or any accredited CBT centre to enable further processing of the admission.

Please note that those who were offered courses other than what they applied for should visit any JAMB office or any accredited CBT centre close to them for a change of course.

All candidates are expected to accept the offer of admission via the University Portal as from Monday 18, July 2022.

See UMYU Direct Entry Admission List 2022

1 10163850BCU Abdullahi Rabiatu F Accounting
2 11089290CGU Abubakar Aliyu M Accounting
3 19758553HB ABUBAKAR HAMISU M Accounting
4 19720974JE ALI SAHURA BARMO F Accounting
5 11152503CCU Isah Ahmed Ladan M Accounting
6 11055446JGU Sayudi Mustapha M Accounting
7 11251534EAU Suleiman Lawal M Accounting
8 10697054CHU Usman Mohammad M Accounting
9 19703080DI YUNUSA IBRAHIM M Accounting
10 19752685CB HUDU NASIR SULAIMAN M Arabic Studies
11 11330597BGU Aliyu Hafsat Ashura F Biochemistry
12 19749133AH BASHIR AISHA ELSANAWI F Biochemistry
13 11008238ADU Lawal Imammalik M Biochemistry
14 19762019FC MANNIR MAIMUNATU F Biochemistry
15 11106349GFU Abdulkadir Aliyu M Biology
17 10790751ECU Aliyu Rukayya F Biology
18 19720318CF LAWAL ABUBAKAR M Biology
19 11185538FBU Marwan Amina F Biology
20 19739900GB MUAZU HAUWAU F Biology
21 19759305EG BASHIR MUHAMMAD SHAKKA M Business Administration
22 19773198HH IBRAHIM ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM M Business Administration
23 19756728BH KABIR SALISU KUSADA M Business Administration
24 19751817AG LAWAL ABDULLAHI M Business Administration
25 11179274CFU Shafiu Abubakar M Business Administration
26 19724161DJ YAHUZA AMINU M Business Administration
27 11342269BHU Abdullahi Rahinatu Kanya F Chemistry
28 19711120HB ABDULRASHID AMINU M Chemistry
29 10846428EFU Abubakar Abdulkarim M Chemistry
30 10119637FCU Hussaini Umar Danhaire M Chemistry
31 10439094EBU Iliya Sanusi M Chemistry
33 19747882HE ABBA ASMA’U YAHAYA F Computer Science
34 19736697GH ABBA ISAH M Computer Science
35 10915499CEU Abubakar Abdullahi S M Computer Science
36 19768465BH ABUBAKAR ZAINAB MUSA F Computer Science
37 11147119HCU Badaru Nafisa F Computer Science
38 19719665EE BUHARI ISMAIL M Computer Science
39 19710858IB GARBA ABDULLAHI M Computer Science
40 10444573JEU Ibrahim Amina Muhammad F Computer Science
41 19729825CC KASIM BUHARI M Computer Science
42 10313853IDU Lawal Khalid M Computer Science
43 19747345DG LAWAL RUKAYYA YAMMAMA F Computer Science
44 19717998AB MAGAJI ALIYU M Computer Science
45 10789018ADU Muhammad Muhammad M Computer Science
46 19702707JA RIDWAN AHMAD M Computer Science
47 19746950FH SAGIR ABDULMAJID M Computer Science
48 19740602IJ SANI HASSAN M Computer Science
49 19736623JF SANI SULEIMAN A M Computer Science
50 19733636DF SANUSI SALIM M Computer Science
51 19762806BJ UMAR ALIYU M Computer Science
52 19708698GC USMAN ABDULSALAM DANALI M Computer Science
53 11331568BDU Aliyu Ibrahim M Economics
54 10754171HFU Haruna Yusuf M Economics
55 19709066CF HASSAN USMAN BAKORI M Economics
56 19710415FC IDRIS ISMAIL DANMUSA M Economics
57 10127415JFU Yau Abubakar M Economics
58 19702711HI ABDULLAHI SABIU M Education & Biology
59 10540043CIU Ibrahim Mahafuza F Education & Biology
60 19750858HA IBRAHIM MANNIR M Education & Biology
61 10535499IAU Ibrahim Zaddiyatu F Education & Biology
62 11089742CIU Kabir Maryam F Education & Biology
63 10141472CCU Mustapha Rukayya Hamdana F Education & Biology
64 19758683GJ SABIU YUSHA’U M Education & Biology
65 19704081EC SANI USMAN M Education & Biology
66 10674495JFU Shehu Yunusa M Education & Biology
67 19747899CD USMAN HABIBA GACHI F Education & Biology
68 19738680DF ILIYASU YUSUF M Education & Chemistry
69 11251533EDU Nuradeen Mufeeda Muhammad F Education & Chemistry
70 10576098BIU Usman Amina Ibrahim F Education & Chemistry
71 19734112GC HAMBALI AHMED M Education & Economics
72 19720131AE NUHU SAIFULLAHI M Education & Economics
73 19712113AC SANI IDRIS M Education & Economics
74 10101214DBU Ahmed Bishir M Education & Geography
75 11311374GHU Isah Yahaya M Education & Geography
76 11231035DJU Abubakar Zainab F Education & Hausa
77 10365917GBU Zubairu Mannir M Education & Hausa
78 10668779HEU Aminu Bashir M Education & History
79 19710628JC USMAN YAHAYA M Education & History
80 10554003FCU Hamisu Suleiman M Education & Integrated Science
81 19710667HC NUHU ZAHARADDEEN M Education & Integrated Science
82 10127587GEU Abdurrazak Abba M Education & Islamic Studies
83 19705934BC IBRAHIM BABANGIDA M Education & Islamic Studies
84 19721398ID RUFAI IBRAHIM M Education & Mathematics
85 19747062BC YUSUF SULEIMAN M Education & Mathematics
86 19720111GE JUNAIDU AMINU M Education & Physics
87 10705285GJU Umar Aisha F Education & Physics
88 19775801CI MUKHTAR ZUBAIDA ADSAUDE F English Language
90 10397234AGU Ogbe Rose Ene F French
91 19757623EI AHMED ZAHARADDEEN M Geography
92 19721817IH IBRAHIM MURTALA M Geography
93 19755231EG IBRAHIM ABDULLAHI M History
94 19761663FD SANI FAISAL M History
95 10942634ACU Ahmad Sulaiman Dahiru M Industrial Chemistry
96 19734711BB ALIYU AHMAD AHMAD M Industrial Chemistry
97 19719802CB HAMZA MARYAM F Industrial Chemistry
98 19701994JF SALIHU IBRAHIM M Industrial Chemistry
99 19729795BF ABDULLAHI AISHA F Islamic Studies
100 10312550BFU Abdullahi Hasan Babangida M Law
101 19712231DG ADAM USMAN SHEHU M Law
104 19754461CI MAHMUD HAFIZ M Law
105 19757188JC MUSTAPHA AMINU M Law
107 19731672BA SAID FATIMA ALIYU F Law
109 19711153GJ ABDULHADI NURADDINI M Library & Information Science
110 11037684DCU Abdulkadir Anas M Library & Information Science
111 19767717DA ABDULRAHMAN ZAINAB F Library & Information Science
112 10755108HHU Abubakar Muhammad M Library & Information Science
113 11192561DBU Aminu Abbas M Library & Information Science
114 11078657BCU Gambo Fahad M Library & Information Science
115 19706732ED HUSAINI AMINATU SALIHU F Library & Information Science
116 10749912EIU Ibrahim Abdulrahman M Library & Information Science
117 11184830EBU Ibrahim Yusuf A M Library & Information Science
118 19707650AF LAWAL ISMAIL M Library & Information Science
119 19708395AB MUSA USMAN M Library & Information Science
120 10838315DHU Umar Asiya Farouk F Library & Information Science
121 11160031DJU Umar Fahad Ibrahim M Library & Information Science
122 19720105IC UMAR MUSTAFA M Library & Information Science
123 19706292AF ABUBAKAR JAMILU M Mathematics
124 19728668AB SALE ALIYU M Mathematics
125 19704090BF ABDURRAHMAN JABIR M Microbiology
126 19757878FJ ADAM SALAMATU F Microbiology
127 19775572DG AHMAD HANNATU F Microbiology
128 11218779EEU Ahmad Saratu F Microbiology
129 19756854CH ISMAIL KAMALADDEEN M Microbiology
130 19720652JA MUKHTAR HABIBA SADA F Microbiology
131 19722957GC MUKTAR AUWAL NAKOWA M Microbiology
132 11268681AJU Sani Jamila Amama F Microbiology
133 19747560HA SHUAIBU ABDULRAZAK M Microbiology
134 19767390EB LAWAL ILIYASU M Physics
135 19709176ID ADAMU SANI M Political Science
136 19761698EF IBRAHIM JAMILU M Political Science
137 19741057IC LAWAL YUSUF M Political Science
138 19757935IC MAMMAN RABBILU M Political Science
139 19743426FG MUHAMMAD KHALID M Political Science
140 19735117FE MUHAMMAD LAWAL M Political Science
141 19716788EC SULEIMAN ABDURRAZAK M Political Science
142 19702495EH ABUBAKAR KABIR NURA M Public Administration
143 10488315BCU Lawal Sulaiman M Public Administration
144 19765347FJ MUAZU ABDULRAZAK LAWAL M Public Administration
145 19775434GC SALISU ABDULSALAM M Public Administration
146 19756621EH TASIU RAMATU F Public Administration
147 10868035CAU Ahmed Habibu M Sociology
148 19766842DG HALADU SAFIYA F Sociology
149 10909058EEU Isah Auwal M Sociology
150 10200747JFU Lawal Abdulrahaman M Sociology
151 19771568CA LAWAL ALIYU NAMADAN M Sociology
152 19773200HB NUHU KABIR M Sociology
153 10355929FCU Adamu Almustapha M Statistics

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