Brock University Tuition Fee Amount 2022/2023

Brock university Tuition Fee

This page provides you with the accurate tuition fee at Brock University, so ensure to read this article till the end.

According to our research, parents/guardians makes more research on the exact amount to be paid as the tuition fee of a particular university, polytechnic, college, or any institution of learning. This is because, in most institutions of learning, the tuition fees amount are not always the same.

Brock University tuition fee

This is to inform the general public that the management of Brock University has released the amount to be paid as a tuition fee for the 2022/2023 academic session.

Before we proceed, let’s know the meaning of the tuition fee;

what is the Tuition Fee?

Tuition fee is simply the sum of money students for learning at universities, polytechnics, colleges, or institutes of learning.

Many do not call it school fees which is kind of the most famous name for some persons, so do not be deceived when you hear tuition fees because it’s the same as school fees.

What is the Brock University Tuition Fee?

The fees for tuition now range from $5,917 – $6,089 when you become a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident.

On the other hand, if you are applying as an international student the tuition fee is $26,558.

How Much are the Brock University graduate Tuition fees?

Studies fees for Brock University graduates range via way of means of degree and degree. Your training and charges can be assessed through your monetary money owed as a Brock University student. The following primary classes may be restricted.

  • Tuition is assessed per term at differentiated rates.
  • Ancillary fees. These are assessed on a per credit and sessional basis.
  • Program-specific fees: Program-specific fees may be applicable because of the program you are enrolled in.
  • Course-specific fees may be charged by the University for the reasonable cost of such things as field trips, learning material, and clothing retained by the student.
  • Miscellaneous fees: it is also called administrative fees. These are fees for service and may be incurred by a student as a result of a request or action
  • Residence and meal plan fees vary depending on the residence assigned and the type of room.

In general, the fees for students at Brock University vary from $5,850 to $8,176.

In contrast, the fee of Brock University Graduate Tuition is $23,504 in case you observe as an international student.

How to Pay Brock University Tuition Fee

Whether you apply for a Bachelor’s, Graduate Citizen’s, or International Student Programme, you may pay Brock University lessons costs and some other fees in five (5) ways.

  • Internet, telephone, or ATM banking with major banks and most Ontario credit unions
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce International Student Payment Service (CIBC)
  • Then Western Union GlobalPay for International Students or
  • In-person at a Canadian Bank
  • Making payments via bank-to-bank transfer

How to make payments via bank-to-bank transfer

Now, if you want to Make payments via bank-to-bank transfer, follow the process below

Step 1: Go to the GlobalPay for Students platform

Step 2: Process Payment

  • Enter student details (name, ID number).
  • Enter the number of Canadian Dollars to pay.
  • Select payment currency.
  • Finalize transaction

Step 3: Bank Transfer

  • Use a payment confirmation form to make a payment with your bank.
  • Local banks will transfer funds to Western Union Business Solutions and they will send the funds to us.

Step 4: Payment Finalized

Brock University will post the Canadian Dollar equivalent to your student account.

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